Satisfied participants and customers

Patients and Relatives

‘We are very impressed by the results, and we sincerely hope that our contributions will help other patients and their families’
Henrik and Jill Mütze
Vallensbæk Strand, Denmark

‘The videos are wonderful! Our story is pieced together so beautifully. I am praying that many will be encouraged by it!’
Audrea Medina
Papillon, USA

The films turned out great. I’m very pleased.
Thank you.

Dusty Mathey
Sioux City, USA

‘We are very pleased with the result. It all looks extremely professional and the quality is excellent.
Henning and Anne-Grethe A. Hansen
Horsens, Denmark

‘We are confident that the film will help current and future patients with renal cell carcinoma. We wish it had been available when Alex got the diagnosis.
Alex and Nina Norrbohm
Vangede, Denmark

Health Care Professionals

I reviewed the films and I think they have 
turned out beautifully.  I approve all of the films.’ 
Professor David Mercer
Nebraska Medicine, USA

‘Great work. Congratulations on the films about kidney cancer. We need similar film projects for patients with other types of cancer.
Professor Lars Lund
Odense University Hospital

‘We recommend the films about kidney cancer to our patients and their relatives
– as part of our support program.’
Anne Kirstine Hundahl Møller, Consultant
Herlev Hospital, Denmark

This is super professional work.
I’m very pleased with the result.

Professor Palle Bekker Jeppesen
Copenhagen University Hospital

Patient Organizations

‘At Danyca we are convinced that the videos in a professional way provide a wide array of relevant information to both patients and their relatives. When they are faced with a new life-situation containing many new questions and challenges, the videos not only provide information about the medical disorder but also much needed hope and encouragement.’
Lennart Jønsson
Chairman of the Danish Kidney Cancer Organization, Danyca

‘It has been a pleasure working with PeopleStories. They deliver high quality material on time and budget, and they build strong relations with the patients and their families.
Hanne Heidenheim Bak
Senior Project Director, Zealand Pharma A/S

‘We recommend these videos to new patients and their relatives. When they face a new life with many new challenges, the videos provide hope and courage.’
Marianne Riis
Chairman of the Danish HPN/TPN patient organization