Current Projects

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Health Documentaries

We ensure a balanced narrative by cross-cutting between patients’ and their relatives’ personal description with the factual descriptions provided by health care professionals (HCPs).
Examples (Danish films are with UK/US subtitles):

Living with psoriasis
Danish: ‘Livet med psoriasis’)
Living with short bowel syndrome
(Film with Danish patients and HCPs:
‘Livet med korttarms syndrom’)

Educational Films

We have recently started producing educational films for patients and their relatives as well as for HCPs. Examples: (i) A short film abut CT scanning; (ii) an in-depth documentary about cancer research based on interviews with healthcare professionals and patients and their relatives; (iii) health psychologist Camilla Schroeder’s advice for patients with leukemia.

Films for Social Media

We have produced an number of short films that can be used at various SoMe platforms by our customers. 

Patient Portraits

Patients and their relatives are given all the time needed to describe their experience of the situation. We not only learn about their disease, we also gain insight into the triumphs and tribulations of day-to-day life.

Podcasts (Danish)

Based on interviews with patients and their relatives and with HCPs, we have produced a number of podcasts (in Danish) with Pfizer as sponsor. They can be found both at Pfizer’s website and (10 podcasts about leukemia – ‘Livet med leukæmi’’).